Together with my group I’ve developed a current, innovative and modern multi- media solution that stands out and contributes something new to both existing and potential customers. Our solution consists of three parts, representing a renewed user-friendly website, an informative film with a new focus called “Behind the Counter - Jones’ Potatoes” and a marketing campaign to social media. The purpose of our concept was to enhance and visualise Melbourne Farmers Markets’ profile and message of pesticide-free farming, and to invite the viewer into a the life of a farmer.

The Campaign Spots:
To create awareness about the consequences of a pesticide-filled farming in a larger perspective, we developed some small and short informative campaign spots in motion graphics, which are intended for Facebook and Instagram. The motion graphics start with the tag-line “Did you know?” whereby a combination of informative text and illustrations displays various facts about the effects of pesticide use, which eventually ends with Melbourne Farmers Markets’ logo. This gives the viewer the feeling that he or she must take part in the battle for a pesticide-free farming, which will help Mel- bourne Farmers Markets to become the preferred choice for Australian’s everyday grocery shopping.

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